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General conditions

  • The Competition will be held at the Gnessins Special School (College) of Music, Moscow from 24th to 31th October 2017.
  • The Competition is open for professional pianists of any nationality aged 18-35 on 24th October 2017. 
  • Moscow Piano Open Competition consists of 2 rounds.
  • No more than 10 competitors will be admitted to the final 2nd round.
  • The order of the performance will be determined by ballot.
  • All works must be performed by memory.
  • No works played in Round I may be repeated in Round II
  • Each participant is free to decide the order of his/her performance. The jury has the right to stop the competitor in case of exceeded time limit of auditions. 
  • The decisions of the Jury will be final and beyond appeal.
  • All rounds of the Competition are open for the public.
  • All rights to recording and broadcast of the Competition and the final concerts of the winners (as also to the sale and distribution of the forgoing materials) belong to the Competition Committee.
  • All the finalists of the Competition are obliged to give a gratis performance at the closing ceremony and the concerts of the Laureates of the Competition with no financial reimbursement.

Organ Hall, Gnessins Moscow Special School of Music,
Znamenka street, 12, Moscow